Charity for Peace of Mind: Help Victims of Morocco’s Earthquake

Last Updated: September 12, 2023

Charity for Peace of Mind: Help Victims of Morocco’s Earthquake

On a late Friday night, an uncommon and powerful earthquake hit Morocco, resulting in extensive structural damage and a death count surpassing 2,800 (to date). The 6.8 magnitude quake, the strongest in the country in 120 years, mainly affected isolated regions near the High Atlas Mountains.

Various organizations are calling for donations to aid the earthquake victims in Morocco, following a destructive earthquake on Friday night. The Red Cross is emphasizing the necessity for enduring assistance as solidarity efforts are actively in progress. The disaster resulted in a minimum of 2,800 fatalities and left thousands wounded, including numerous in a critical state. Emergency services are currently engaged in the ongoing search for survivors, and the scale of the physical devastation is considerable.

How the International Community is Rallying to Help

Following the catastrophic earthquake in Morocco, France has commenced government-funded emergency relief efforts within the local region, as stated by the French foreign ministry. Concurrently, German officials have conveyed their sympathies to the afflicted nation. In response to the recent tragedy, the United States has extended an offer to furnish any essential aid to Morocco. Additionally, Spain's military emergency unit, along with the Spanish embassy and consulates, stands prepared to offer support to Morocco.

How Groups are Assisting in the Morocco Earthquake

The French Red Cross is actively appealing for monetary contributions to facilitate the provision of crucial necessities in partnership with on-ground Red Crescent teams. Given the extensive destruction, the Red Cross underscores the importance of preparing for extended support and is exclusively seeking financial donations while politely declining in-kind donations.

UNICEF stands ready to extend humanitarian aid to children and is issuing a plea for contributions. The United Nations agency affirms that their teams are presently on-site, collaborating closely with the Moroccan government to orchestrate a response that caters to the requirements of children and their families.

How You Can Assist the Affected and Survivors of the Morocco Earthquake

At this juncture, Morocco is facing a humanitarian crisis, and it is incumbent upon us to unite in extending assistance through every available means.

Numerous charitable organizations have issued pleas for generosity within the broader community. Here are a few recommendations along with accompanying links where you can provide support:

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) :  IFRC has asked for help for the Morocco earthquake victim in the official website page here.

UNICEF USA: This United Nations agency stated that it is also on the ground in Morocco assessing needs.

Meanwhile you can make the donation to help people of Morocco via UNICEF from here.

Doctors Without Borders: Also known as, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), the organization is sending teams to assess needs in this region. In the meantime, you can donate to the organization to support the Morocco earthquake victims by clicking the donation button.

Red Cross: Through an emergency request, the "Morocco Earthquake Appeal," The Red Cross is calling for donations to deliver essential aid to those impacted by the recent earthquake in Morocco. As the circumstances continue to unfold, there are urgent and substantial needs among the affected individuals that necessitate immediate support. Your contribution can make a significant impact during this crucial period.