How a Mindful Travel With Meditation Changed My Life

Story of a traveler who traveled all the way from Paris (France) to Kathmandu for meditation.

Last Updated: January 05, 2023

How a Mindful Travel With Meditation Changed My Life

Hi, I am Anas. Today I would like to share with you one of my life changing experiences. I traveled all the way from Paris to Kathmandu to seek peace, to find my inner self and to learn about meditation. From the moment my plane landed in the Kathmandu airport I could feel that this country is of course the birthplace of Lord Buddha. As the plane was descending, I could see the white mountains of the Himalayan range and the antique temples and buildings in the city from the window of the plane. My host was waiting for me at the airport and he welcomed me with all the hospitality that Nepal is known for.

On the first Day I visited the ancient temple which was amazing watching all the Hindu rituals, the cremation, worshiping, the prayers, that was such a spiritual experience I cannot explain in my words.

From the morning of the next day, my journey of meditation started. I joined the meditation class that has been scheduled for me for the next seven days and started it in the morning at 6 AM. It was an amazing learning process. The meditation center was located just behind the building at stupa which is the holy shrine of the Buddhist in Kathmandu Nepal.

With my instructor I learned different practices of meditation and yoga and Buddhist values of finding inner peace. Joining the meditation retreat for the one week has detached all lanes ideas that I had from my regular life works. I started feeling refreshed and revitalized within one weeks period of retreat.

Why would I recommend meditation travel?

Right after having the meditation classes I went for a one week long trek to the Langtang Region. I never had such a mindful Journey before. It was an amazing experience of learning and practicing meditation just before going for the trek.

It was like revitalizing your body and your soul with meditation and yoga before planning for seven days walk into the mountains. It was the perfect combination of yoga and track perfect blend of meditation and travel.

My tips for your meditation travel plan

If you are planning to travel to any destinations that can offer you the meditation retreat, I will suggest you do the meditation retreat either before or at the end of your journey.

A meditation or yoga retreat can be useful for you either to energize your body before travel or it can set you in the relax mode at the end of journey.

Do a precise research, there can be many organizations that can offer you trips with meditation retreats, but you have to make sure the arrangements and location of the retreat fulfills your needs. In my case I picked the retreat center right behind the holiest Buddhist shrine of Kathmandu. I loved the arrangements and location.

Try to connect with the yoga and meditation instructor beforehand. It is essential for you to know what you are going to learn and practice before you join the retreat program. There are different forms and disciplines of meditation and yoga. From Buddhist methods of meditation to traditional eastern practices of Yoga, you can choose from various options. It is important for you to know what you want to explore.

Choose your accommodation carefully. Some of the meditation retreats offer you accommodation within the retreat in a peaceful area. However, some might just offer you meditation classes without accommodation. In such cases, it would be wise to choose your accommodation in a location that suits you best to achieve mindful experience.

In a nutshell, doing a meditation trip with mindfulness is all about experiencing your journey to the fullest. Open your mind, your soul to embrace whatever comes to you in this journey. Every place you visit and every person you meet is going to bring some enlightenment for you. So, embark into this journey of peace and make your meditation trip, this will be a life changing experience.